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VP Dabney Yerima speaks to us, 8 March 2020, Women’s Day and a Call on Patriotic Actions by all

Consoling our mothers, our wives, our daughters and children

Fellow Ambazonians, On this International Women’s Day, I take this opportunity to console our mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters who have borne the brunt of suffering in our revolution. it is admittedly overdue, but necessary all the same, that, in the midst of conflict and the grief and carnage it has unleashed on our nation, we make time to renew those bonds and feelings of kinship, yearning, of hope and collective endurance which have held us together through troubled times in the past. They form part of the core values which remain the hallmark of our community.

The burden of untold suffering which our mothers, wives, daughters, and children quietly shoulder throughout this conflict is one of the silent prices we are paying for this freedom quest. Many have seen their communities, families, livelihoods, homes, and children shattered by war. They have witnessed the horrifying deaths of loved ones and children they bore, raised and cherished.

To our mothers and wives who bring life, the promise of our struggle is that what life they bring forth will take root in our hard-won homeland, and to our daughters and children for whom this battle is being fought and will be won, their lives will certainly flourish when these shackles are finally broken and the dark clouds of our present condition are lifted.

We ask that they endure this passage with steadfast courage. If it is the good lord’s timing that we must walk down this bloody road, it is through the agency of our mothers, wives, daughters, and children that new dawn, new life, promise, and fulfillment will – in the end- come to be. It has always been so. That your pain and long-suffering be a fountain for our strength.

Short live the struggle.

God bless the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)

Dabney Yerima

Vice President.The Federal Republic of Ambazonia

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