“If I don’t see my brother again, they themselves shall not see the light of day. This is not the Anglophone course”.

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Party in Cameroon was reacting after kidnappers took his brother and two workers into captivity.

Taken in the night of Saturday April 20th around Fru Ndi’s cattle range in Bafut Mezam Division of the North West Region of Cameroon, Kingsley Azeh (brother to Ni John Fru Ndi) and two other workers were in search of stolen cows when they were abducted by unknown individuals. Ni John Fru Ndi has stated.
“The boys are demanding me to pay six million francs cfa or provide five guns as ransom», he adds.
He states that the kidnappers are accusing him of having commissioned elements of the rapid intervention battalion (BIR) to fight them when his residence got burnt months ago.
To Ni John Fru Ndi: “people in high government positions in Cameroon have created and are sponsoring parallel ambazonia fighters that are there to attack, kill and destroy innocent civilians”.
Provoked by the kidnapping of his brother and two workers, Ni John says the activities of the parallel Ambazonia group are contrary to the ambazonia course. “I call on the real ambazonia fighters to be focus and identify armed robbers hired by some members of government to kill the population”.

Material loses:
“In the past six months, I have lost more than one hundred cows. I had forty cows in Babanki village but today just less than eleven are left». According to Ni John Fru Ndi, the cows have been stolen by bandits who present themselves as Ambazonia fighters.
He mentioned his houses set ablaze in his village by persons he suspects are fake fighters sponsored by personalities in power.
Ni John Fru Ndi judging from what he called ‘continuous atrocities’ committed against innocent population by ‘fake amba boys’ warns that famine might soon befall the troubled Anglophone regions of Cameroon.
He laments that the planting season is almost over in Bamenda and other places in the North West with women not given the possibility to cultivate crops as insecurity has become the order of the day.

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The Social Democratic Front, SDF says some members of the Biya regime are sponsoring armed groups in the North West and South West regions of the country.

Meeting at the weekend in Yaounde, the National Executive Committee of the party condemned the recent wave of violence in the Anglophone regions.

The attack on the convoys of the Governors of the North West and South West regions, the burning of the Kumba Hospital, as well as attacks on students and kidnap of civilians were some of the atrocities in the past months that drew the attention of the party as they condemned such acts.

However, the party said such acts carried out by armed groups which might be sponsored by some members of the Biya regime, for their selfish interests.

The SDF criticised the authorities, who are protected by security forces,  for forcing civilians without protection to risk their lives to carry out civic duties like voting despite the insecurity in these regions.

The party condemned all forms of violence no matter its origin and once again called for a ceasefire and dialogue as the only way out of the crisis.

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The court “rejects (Osih’s) request as not justified,” presiding judge Clement Atangana ruled at around 2:00 am (0100 GMT) Friday shortly after the closure of hearings that started on Tuesday in the wake of the election on October 7, according to state media.

Cameroon‘s Constitutional Court rejected overnight a post-electoral appeal from Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front, the main opposition party, thus rebutting all 18 judicial protests made since a presidential vote.

None of the appeals were successful, whether on grounds of insecurity or alleged mass fraud at the polls.

Osih asked the court for the cancellation of the whole election, in which 85-year-old President Paul Biya was seeking his seventh term after almost 36 years and against a backdrop of mounting resistance in the two English-speaking regions of the country.

The SDF candidate argued that the election “didn’t take place” in these territories, which are historic bastions of his party in a largely Francophone nation, because of the security situation.

The past year has seen the eruption of open warfare in the Northwest and Southwest regions between armed separatists and troops. At least 420 civilians, 175 members of the security forces and an unknown number of separatists have been killed, according to the International Crisis Group.

Hardline militants warned people of reprisals should they go the polling stations. Though the SDF has long opposed the Biya regime, some regard party members as “traitors” for falling short of demanding outright independence for English-speaking areas.

Using a ledger, Judge Atangana told the court that “the election was held in the two regions of the Northwest and the Southwest, where respectively 32,729 and 57,084 voters were recorded,” out of more than one million registered voters.

Lawyers for the SDF presented examples to argue that potential voters had been deprived of their rights either by being already displaced by violence or because they were unable to venture out of their homes.

“The national president of my party, Ni John Fru Ndi, had his house wrecked (in the village of Baba II) and his younger sister was kidnapped because he voted, in defiance of instructions” from haredliners, Osih told the court.

“People are dead because they cast their votes on October 7,” Osih stated.

The state’s official gazette has until Monday to publish the official results of the presidential election.

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The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front Joshua Osih says he will refuse to be sworn in if he is proclaimed winner of the October 7 Presidential election.

Speaking at the Constitutional Council on Thursday night, Joshua Osih said election took place in only eight of the ten regions of Cameroon and any proclamation of results will be separating the French-speaking part of the country from the English-speaking regions.

“If I am proclaimed as winner, I will refuse to be sworn in to be President of part of a country…,” Osih said.

Joshua Osih stressed that elections were poorly organized in the English-speaking parts describing what took place in that part of the country as an apartheid.

“If Cameroon is one and indivisible, then a part of Cameroon did not vote,”Joshua Osih said adding that “what happened on October 7th is apartheid”

“If the North West and South West regions are in Cameroon, then part of the country did not vote,” Osih said.

The SDF flag bearer tasked the Constitutional Council to restore order or an imminent collapse of the country is lurking around the corner.

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Cameroon’s opposition candidate, Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) has described the October 7 election as ‘apartheid’, arguing that the Anglophone people in the North West and South West regions did not vote.

Osih, who was presenting the SDF petition before the Constitutional Council, urged the court to restore order and save the country from ‘eminent collapse’.

“No election took place in the North West and South West regions…the people could not vote because they are Anglophone and that is apartheid,” Osih argued.

No election took place in the North West and South West regions…the people could not vote because they are Anglophone and that is apartheid.

The election in the English-speaking North West and South West regions was marred by low turnout and isolated incidents of unrest, as separatists sought to prevent participation in the vote.

While majority of Cameroon’s 23 million people are French-speaking, about a fifth of the population is English-speaking. The Anglophone minority has long complained about marginalization which led to protests by teachers and lawyers over a period of time.

Election petitions dismissed

The court on Thursday night also dismissed a petition by opposition candidate Maurice Kamto, which called for the cancellation of the election, on the basis of massive and systematic fraud.

The court’s president, Clément Atangana declared that ‘debates are over’ after the petitions were deemed “unjustified” by all members of the Constitutional Council “unanimously”.

This official body is responsible for studying post-election disputes before proclaiming the results of the presidential elections of 7 October.

Throughout the election and during the hearing of election petitions that started on Tuesday, Cameroon’s electoral body Elecam defended its organization of the poll and said it had not seen any proof of fraud.

Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary also dismissed allegations of fraud.

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The Lead Counsel of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party currently defending petitions filed against October 7, 2018, Presidential Election at the Constitutional Council (CC), Barrister Francis Sama, says if the Council does not heed to his party’s request for the total cancellation of the election; it will give him enough reasons to see reasons with the Anglophone « Ambazonians’ Movement.

He was speaking this Thursday, October 18, 2018, at the dock of the Constitutional Council, while presenting the epilogue of his party’s arguments.

According to Barrister Sama, if the Council does not cancel the election; it will give Anglophone Pro Independence Fighters known as « Ambazonians » legitimacy in Cameroon.

He went ahead to posit that, it was shockingly unfair, for over one million people not exercise their civic rights on October 7th due to the massive insecurity that reigns in the two English Speaking Regions.

Quizzed by the President of the Constitutional Council, Justice Clement Atangana, on whether if the Council canceled the election and order for a re-run can SDF guarantee security within the twenty days for the re-run, Barrister Sama responded with all certainty that it will be possible within twenty days.

He urged the incumbent Head of State, Paul Biya, to use his high office and pay an appeasement visit to the Northwest and Southwest Regions so that Cameroon can continue to enjoy hear peace.
« Visit Bamenda, Buea like you visited Maroua. They are your children..they will give you a listening ear., » he said.

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