A Swiss MP challenged the Council of State of his country on the subject last Thursday. Sylvain Thévoz believes that the different stays of the Cameroonian head of state in Switzerland are shady to the city of Geneva, which he considers the capital of human rights.

Through an “urgent written question” addressed to the Council of State, Sylvain Thévoz puts into perspective, a number of facts to draw the attention of the Swiss authorities to the “harmful” nature of the multiple stays of the Cameroonian president on the soil of Geneva . He denounces the high cost paid by the Cameroonian taxpayer at each of these stays, or “40 000 dollars (nearly 22 million CFA Francs) for a night on the intercontinental. An amount that does not include airfare.

The expenses of President Paul Biya during many “private trips” in Geneva have been the subject of several scandals, the most resounding was sparked by a survey of the OCCRP organization. According to data published in February 2018, the Cameroonian head of state, still accompanied by his wife and a strong delegation of about fifty people, has already spent more than 1645 days out of his country for 65 million (35,031,458,800 CFA francs).

For Sylvain Thévoz, the evil can not be seen under the sole prism of financial losses for the State of Cameroon. “If it is established that the love of President Paul Biya is expensive, very dear to Cameroon, how much does it cost in Geneva?” He asks in a letter addressed to the Council of State, evoking the impact on the image of the city of Geneva. “As an MP, I am uncomfortable and many people are uncomfortable since Geneva is home to resort dictators who have enriched themselves by violating principles of which Geneva is the symbol and the defense in the world” he said.

We feel sullied by this presence that harms the image of the city. We have followed closely the demonstrations of Cameroonian citizens here in Geneva denouncing the presence of Biya on the backs of his people and we support these legitimate claims “he mentions in his letter before calling the State Council to respond to his concerns within three weeks (13 December). Otherwise, it could well accompany the next demonstration initiatives of Cameroonians in Switzerland.

Source: kmersa.ga

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