Traffic on the road between Buea and Kumba was paralyzed at the weekend following a heavy exchange of gunshots between French Cameroun security forces and Ambazonia fighters, sources have confirmed.

Sources said the Ambazonia fighters engaged French Cameroun security forces around Ekona blocking the road with similar battles taking place in Muyuka where a truck transporting cocoa was burnt down. Several vehicles were also burnt down as passengers were stranded.

A source traveling on the road told journalducameroun.com that they were escorted in a convoy through the road on Thursday morning by French Cameroun security forces in the midst of sporadic gunshots.

However, the situation degenerated early on Friday morning with heavy gunshots as separatist took control of parts of the road where they mounted roadblocks and were quick to post images on social media.

The tensed atmosphere comes to add to the woes of the local population especially those in Kumba who have gone for several days without electricity following a power breakdown on one of the transformers at the entrance to town.

Sources say workers of the electricity supply company would only get to the area to fix the technical fault when the security situation in the area must have improved.

Circulation was however partially restored on the road later on Sunday evening by security forces but the atmosphere remained tense.

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Source: journalducameroun


13-year-old Ching Randy was seeking refuge in the bush in Bafia around Muyuka in Fako Division of Cameroon’s South West Region when he was shot by soldiers.
« The boy could barely survive because he was shot with live bullets in the head » a source revealed to Mimi Mefo info.

His family immediately laid him to rest in the bushes yesterday Wednesday, October 17, 2018, for fear of being targeted by soldiers who are in the area for surveillance.

Ching Randy was a student of Government Bilingual High School GBHS Muyuka.

The education of many youths in Muyuka and the entire North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have been interrupted since the anglophone crisis escalated in 2016.
Muyuka is now a no-go-area as the military continues to battle with pro-independence fighters.
The town, like neighboring Ekona has remained deserted for months now.

Author: Mimi Mefo

Source: mimimefoinfos

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