Parliamentarians for Global Action, PGA have welcome the adoption of the European Parliament Resolution on Cameroon and are now calling for the immediate release of opposition leader Prof. Maurice Kamto and all political prisoners.

In a statement over the weekend, the PGA observed that the European Parliament adopted on 18 April 2019, in its last plenary of the 2014-19 legislature, a pivotal resolution condemning the gross human rights violations perpetrated in Cameroon against opponents and dissidents. They say the resolution that condemns “the politically motivated arrest of members of the opposition, starting with former presidential candidate Prof. Maurice Kamto, an eminent jurist who served as Judge at the International Court of Justice and member of The Hague Academy of International Law”, came upon the proposal of all political groups,.

“The text of the resolution reects language tabled by PGA Members Ms. Judith Sargentini (MEP, The Netherlands), Ms. Barbara Lochbihler (MEP, Germany), and Heidi Hautala (MEP, Finland) on behalf of the Greens group, and by Ms. Marietje Schaake (MEP, The Netherlands) on behalf of the ALDE group. European Parliament Vice-President, Mr. Fabio Massimo Castaldo (MEP, Italy; PGA member), co-tabled the nal text on behalf of the EFDD group,” the PGA said in a release.

The global PGA network calls all relevant bodies of the International Community “to take action to restore democracy and human rights under the Rule of Law in Cameroon”. In particular, PGA calls upon the African Union, the United Nations and all partners of Cameroon, including the European Union within the framework of the revised Cotonou Agreement between the Africa-Caribbean-Pacic (ACP) and the EU, to request the Government of Cameroon “to refrain from interfering with the independence and autonomy of Judges and Prosecutors”.

“The authority of Judges and Prosecutors shall not be abused for the purpose of eliminating political opponents of the Government and conning them in detention,” they said.

In respect of all political actors within Cameroon, the President of PGA, Ms. Margareta Cederfelt of Sweden, stated:

“I urge the Presidency of the Republic and all the constitutional actors in the Republic of Cameroon to open a new phase of peaceful dialogue with the political opposition and minority-groups with the view of bringing about democratic renewal for the benet of all peoples, communities and individuals living in Cameroon. The immediate liberation of Prof. Maurice Kamto would be a clear demonstration that the Republic of Cameroon is ready to be a peaceful and trusted partner of the International Community in the joint struggle for peace, democracy, sustainable development and human rights under the Rule of Law.”

Cameroon gives clarifications

In a media outing, Monday, Cameroon’s Communication Minister and Government Spokesman gave clarifications on the arrest and detention of opposition leader Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), apparently justifying why he would not be freed.

“…The Government recalls that it was on January 26, 2019, that these people, in small groups, took to the streets in the cities of Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Bafang, Bangangté and Dschang, to carry out marches there, in violation of the ban on public demonstrations which had nevertheless been formally notied to them by the competent administrative authorities.

“At the same time, on that January 26, 2019, hordes of demonstrators claiming to belong to the CRM invaded and ransacked Cameroon’s Embassies abroad, particularly in Paris and Berlin. It is in this regard that 151 people were arrested in the hours and days following these events and taken to security units in Douala and then in Yaoundé.

“14 These persons were taken into police custody, in accordance with the charges brought against them. Brought before the Investigating Judge, the 151 persons arrested were charged with insurgency, hostility against the homeland, rebellion, degradation of public property, public demonstration, crowding and contempt of the President of the Republic.

“These acts are provided for and punished by the Cameroonian Penal Code. Should I say it again, the charges on which Maurice Kamto and his supporters were arrested and remanded in custody are therefore clear and in accordance with Cameroon’s laws and regulations, as well as with the international conventions that our country has freely endorsed,” Sadi said.

Responding to allegations that the Cameroonian authorities systematically oppose the freedom to demonstrate publicly, he said the Government wishes to make it clear that “the regime of public demonstrations is set by law, and any person or group of persons wishing to hold a public demonstration must make a prior declaration to that effect. As in all countries, it may happen that, for reasons of threat to public order, a demonstration is not authorized. In this case, the organizers of the said demonstration must refrain from going against the law.”

Source: cameroon-info.net

Cameroon summoned French and German envoys to protest “violence and vandalism” during opposition demonstrations at the central African nation’s embassies in Paris and Berlin.

The two European host governments failed to provide ample diplomatic and consular protection during the Jan. 26 protests by backers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, in violation of international conventions, Cameroon’s Communication Minister and government spokesman Rene Emmanuel said in a statement Tuesday in the capital, Yaounde.

While the United Nations condemned the violence at the Cameroonian embassies, it also expressed concern about alleged use of force by security forces during demonstrations in Cameroon’s port city of Douala in recent days, and the arrest of opposition leader Maurice Kamto, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ office said Tuesday in an emailed statement.

“The UN calls on Cameroonian authorities to respect the freedom of assembly, association and expression and stress the need for restraint by all political actors,” according to the statement.

Author: Pius Lukong

Source: bloomberg

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Anti riot police in Douala have opened fire on protesters in Douala after they took to streets to answer the call the Cameroon Renaissance Movement for peaceful protests against what the describe as electoral hold up and the violence in the North West and South West regions.

Two prominent figures of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Michelle Ndoki and Celestin Djamen were shot on the leg and taken to the hospital in Douala as police dispersed protesters.

Michelle Ndoki, a firebrand lawyer and Vice President of the Women’s wing of the party confirmed she had been shot four times on the leg on Saturday morning as she led scores of protesters on the street.

The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto who was on his way to Douala in the morning has also taken on the streets.

The story is developing….

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Maurice Kamto, candidate of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), at the Cameroon October 7 presidential election, has said his national resistance plan against the President-elect, Paul Biya, will continue despite government crackdown on his supporters.

After Cameroon’s constitutional council declared Biya winner of the elections, Kamto had fired back.

Reacting to the constitutional council’s October 22 declaration,  Professor Maurice Kamto released a document which shows that he, Kamto, won by over 39% of validly cast votes.

In a video Kamto had called on public protests, urging party militants and Cameroonians in general, to rise up against the injustice. Some party militants heeded to the call, with many in and out of Cameroon taking to the streets. In Cameroon, the public protests both in Douala and Yaounde was met with fierce government’s crackdown as security forces arrested scores of CRM militants.

Hailing the brave militants, the CRM boss said those who were detained for decrying injustice will forever be heroes.

In a message dedicate to who he called patriots, Maurice Kamto said;

“To all the patriots of the diaspora who mobilized themselves as never before in our history since the proclamation of the unfair results of the presidential election of October 7; to all Cameroonians at home and abroad who have courageously been committed to this struggle of the National Resistance Plan (NRP) the past weekend; to those of you, who last Saturday and from the banks of River Wouri made Douala and Cameroon vibrate, by your peaceful and courageous acts; to the Cameroonian diaspora who from your stay in foreign land have joined your voices and your footsteps to those of the compatriots of Douala; to the protesters of the Roman Catholic Community of Yaoundé who, on the esplanade of Our Lady Cathedral, in silence, meditation, prayer, and in a peaceful manner, were in total fellowship last Sunday with the ideal to seek the truth of the presidential election of October 7, 2018; to those who brought their support and compassion to the imprisoned protesters, you were able to bear the cost of their arbitrary arrest, you have become heroes and your courage commands admiration, which by every way strengthens our determination to resist arbitrary arrest and oppression. Also, I strongly and vigorously condemn the squashing of your liberties and your rights by the forces against Truth, Law and Justice and I assure you of my unflinching commitment to this struggle.

To the lawyers and other people of good will who have spontaneously mobilized to defend those whose fight for freedom and justice led to their detention, hear in my voice the expression of my patriotic gratitude towards you.

Let’s stay mobilized because the national resistance continues!”

Source: journalducameroun

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A group of persons on Sunday morning staged a protest in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde to denounce what they call an electoral hold up leading to the inauguration of Paul Biya as President of Cameroon for another seven-year mandate.

Dozens of persons held placards in front of the Yaounde Metropolitan Cathedral denouncing what they term rigging at the October 7 Presidential election that saw Paul Biya re-elected with 71.28 percent of the votes.

STAND UP AUJOURD'HUI DEVANT LA CATHEDRALE DE YAOUNDEEcoutez la violence verbale tout autour, mais surtout, notez l'accent bulu de ceux qui parlent ainsi. C'est les memes gens qui tabassaient et puis tuaient les Anglophones en novembre 2016, avant d'être abattus un a un et envoyes au sous-sol a Akonolinga nioxer les satanettes. Les voila qui veulent chasser des gens du Temple de Dieu. On va y arriver, c'est-a-dire, a les vaincre, j'ai bien dit vaincre, et ils seront vaincus, au besoin, militairement, car chaque espace de liberté se conquiert. Modele anglophone.Nous avons pris le pouvoir! Defendons-le!#Chassement Concierge de la republique

Posted by Patrice Nganang on Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sunday’s protests followed up from Saturday in Douala where 42 persons were arrested for staging a peaceful demonstration against the electoral process.

Amongst the persons arrested was lawyer Barrister Michele Ndoki whose picture emerged online as she was pulled out of a gutter by security forces.

A journalist covering the Douala protests Mathias Ngamo Mouende was equally arrested amongst the protesters and taken to the judicial police in Bonanjo for “questioning”.

“This is an attempt by the regime to silence the press but we will not back down. We call for the unconditional release of Mathias,” the Cameroon Journalists’ trade union said in a statement.

“Police assured us no one is hurt and after taking statements they will be released,” civil society activist Edith Kah Walla said before their release.

They were only released after pressure from civil society actors who pressed for an unconditional release before they could leave the police premises where they had all camp.

Saturday’s protests fall in line with a series of nationwide demonstrations called for by opposition party the Cameroon Renaissance Movement-whose candidate Maurice Kamto finished as runner-up at the October 7 Presidential election- ahead of the inauguration of Paul Biya.

However, the Government of Cameroon has warned any dissent will be met with a severe crackdown by security forces.

“All those who will attempt to violate the laws of the republic, will answer before the court, and be rigorously treated by the same laws,” Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji warned.

Source: journalducameroun

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Hundreds of people, most of them youths, Saturday marched and sang in the streets of Cameroon’s economic capital city, Douala, calling for Cameroon President Paul Biya to step down immediately.

Bosco Etoundi, a 23-year-old university graduate, says protesters believe Maurice Kamto, of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party, who ran against Paul Biya in Cameroon’s Oct. 7 presidential election actually won. Kamto was declared runner-up, with 14 percent of the votes.

Etoundi says he wants Kamto to immediately take power because he is tired of having a president who does not provide for residents’ needs.

Etoundi says young people make up more than 70 percent of Cameroon’s population, but Biya has never involved the younger generation in decision-making. He says that after students complete their studies, they remain jobless because Biya is not creating jobs. He says a change is needed.

Maurice Kamto, a presidential candidate of Renaissance Movement (MRC), reacts as he holds a news conference at his headquarter in Yaounde, Cameroon, Oct. 8, 2018.
Maurice Kamto, a presidential candidate of Renaissance Movement (MRC), reacts as he holds a news conference at his headquarter in Yaounde, Cameroon, Oct. 8, 2018.

Protesters arrested

Cameroon police reported the arrests of more than two dozen protesters Saturday. Witnesses say some protesters were beaten and dragged through the mud.

However, Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement said 42 people, including some of its party officials, have been arrested and are being detained.

Among those arrested is Michele Ndoki, a lawyer who defended Kamto at the constitutional council, where they alleged massive fraud and ballot-stuffing in favor of Biya’s ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party.

The constitutional council rejected Kamto’s petition and Kamto, who had earlier claimed victory, announced what he called a national resistance program in regard to Biya’s inauguration ceremony in December, although no date has yet been chosen.

Ivaha Diboua, governor of the littoral region of Cameroon where Douala is located, says he will never tolerate any disorder in his administrative area and anyone who creates disorder will face police action.

Diboua says Cameroon respects people’s freedoms, but that no one should abuse the freedom by denigrating, insulting and stigmatizing others claiming that they felt cheated.

Besides Douala, minor protests were reported in the cities of Yaounde and Bafoussam but were quickly contained by police.

36 years of Biya

Biya, who has been in power for 36 years, was declared the winner of the Oct. 7 presidential poll, winning 71 percent of the vote. His runner-up, Kamto, who won 14 percent of the vote, has rejected the results.

In 2008, Biya removed term limits from the constitution, allowing him to serve indefinitely.

He is now the second-oldest president in sub-Saharan Africa. When his new term is finished, he will be 93 years old.

Kamto’s MRC party has vowed to continue with the protests until Biya steps down. In a statement Saturday, Kamto called for police to release those who have been arrested, stating that they were simply expressing their discontent at the election.

Author: Moki Edwin Kindzeka

Source: voanews

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Cameroon’s two major cities were tense on Sunday and riot police were on the streets as security forces try to prevent protests before the results of the country’s controversial presidential election are released.

Dozens of riot police, some armed with machine guns, surrounded the activist and politician Kah Walla’s house on Sunday afternoon, preventing her from leaving to attend a peaceful demonstration planned in the centre of Douala, the economic capital.

The election results are due to be released on Monday morning, and are widely expected to show a resounding victory for Paul Biya, the country’s octogenarian president who put himself forward for a seventh term. The protest was billed as a march “to say goodbye to Biya” who, in his 36th year as president, spends a significant amount of his time on holiday in Geneva.

The opposition has said there was widespread fraud and voter intimidation in the 7 October election, and rejected the results early on despite the fact that they had not yet been released. Legal attempts to have the election rerun have failed.

Walla told the German public broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, last week that she was “bent on ousting the Biya regime”, and that the ballot box had been proven not to be a solution.

Anglophone rebels, who have been fighting for secession from the francophone majority in a spiraling conflict, boycotted the election and many English-speakers were unable to vote. Others who had fled to French-speaking regions faced raids and intimidation from the authorities.

Riot police were also posted to major streets and roundabouts in Douala and the capital, Yaoundé, on Sunday afternoon. Many internet users complained that they were unable to access Facebook and WhatsApp because they had been blocked.

A Reuters journalist, Josiane Kouagheu, was arrested while trying to cover the protests, according to Angela Quintal from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Source: the guardian

Author: Ruth Maclean 

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