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TUMI and CO: The ShortSightedness of the AGC. “Mafia or Foolishness?”

APOW Takes A Stand

His Eminence, Christian Cardinal Tumi,

The Anglophone General Conference Convenors,

We the Ambazonian Prisoners of War (APOW) express shock and disdain to the distasteful way with which the AGC is trying so hard to sabotage the southern Cameroons independence restoration struggle.

In all God fearing and intellectual honesty, APOW, as a backbone of the Ambazonian struggle for the restoration of her independence want you to answer the following questions with the fear of God that you (TheAGC convenors) represent.

  1. What has happened to all the preconditions that were tabled to be met by the La Republique du Cameroon government
  2. The release of all Ambazonians kidnapped in connections with their independence restoration struggle?
  3. The has intensified of the Ambazonian territory
  4. The granting of amnesty to all Ambazonians on exile
  5. The bringing back and complete rehabilitation of all the internally displaced person(IDPs) and externally displaced persons (EDPs)
  6. The genocide

Contrary to the expectations of the preconditions mentioned above, la Republique du Cameroon government and their Neocolonialist mastershave rather

  • Reenforced their military presence in the Ambazonian territory.
  • La Republique du Cameroun is employing the use of chemical weapons killing thousands of Ambazonians 
  • The genocide carried out by la Republique du Cameroun on Ambazonians has intensified
  • La Republique du Cameroun is rather throwing more Ambazoniansinto jails, detention centres and execution centres
  • La Republique du Cameroun intensified the burning of villages and as such creating a tremendous increase in internally displaced Persons and externally displaced persons.

Worthy of note is the fact that Maitre Ndocki and 45 others French Camerounians arrested after the La republique du Cameroun post elections protest  have been discharged and acquitted of the same charges which Ambazonians are currently serving jail terms for.

Does it means that, His Eminence and the AGC covenors have completely forgotten about the preconditions for the AGC to hold and have given a blind eye to all the atrocities being carried out by La Republique du Cameroun on Ambazonians and honestly see that the solution is the online polls with two evils (federation or decentralization) to choose from?.

APOW, haven critically examined the AGC and their intentions have concluded that His Eminence, the covenors and the AGC itself are a nuisance and a distraction to the Ambazonian Independence restoration struggle.

We therefore call on you and the AGC to reexamine the objectives of the AGC in line with our questions above. We also demand that any convening that you steward makes room for theoption of the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia, which representsthe conviction and motivation of the vast majority of Ambazonians.”


Chairman.                                                    Secatary General

Tsi Conrad.                                                 Ngongafi Maxim

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