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One of the most famous legal institutions in the world, the New York City Bar calls for respect of human rights in NW, SW,

Finally, it looks like the dam is about to break on the Cameroon regime’s impunity.

On the 27th of February,2020, one of the most famous legal institutions in the world, the New York City Bar issued a devastating commentary on the situation in Cameroon.

The 150-year-old New York Bar is famous for exactly this kind of comment on policy and legislation; producing briefs and reports that have far-reaching impact. The NYCBAR took on the Cameroon situation head-on. The report that starts with calling for support for senate resolution 292 gets down to explaining what the implications of that resolution will mean. Creating and providing a legal framework, more ammunition, and tools for those in the US government to be able to punish the Cameroon regime generously even as the UN and other institutions fixed to take responsibility from there.

The report meticulously details all the tools and resources available currently to the Secretary of state to start putting the screws on the Cameroon regime, but it goes on to further the additional punishment mechanisms that the passage of Senate Resolution 292 will put at the disposal of the US government for punishing the Cameroon regime for its gross violations of human rights.

What the report effectively highlights is the fact that the Cameroon regime had long passed the threshold for any reasonable law-abiding regime into the territory a known and perpetual violator of fundamental human rights and it looks like it is long overdue time for the arm of the international system of accountability to come down on this regime.

This report is historic in a sense of the way it is tailored, It doesn’t make a pretense at some intellectual analysis of the state of play but rather goes to the demand for one of the most important tools in the toolbox of the international accountability systems, an international fact-finding mission. It details all the possibilities on how the stage has already been set for this to be the moment of truth, it seems anyone that does not bail from the Cameroon system right now may not have such an opportunity anymore in the very near future.

Clearly any person who has any history of reading reports from the New york City bar on similar situations can see this as the proverbial writing on the wall for the Cameroon regime. The report by Victoria Safran, the Chair for the African and Francophone Africa Subcommittee of the New York bar sets itself up as a document of reference in due time. Everyone needs to take the time to read, it details blow by blow how to dismantle the Cameroon regime from limb to limb with an enforcement of laws in the books that the Cameroon regime has already broken multiple times — starting with the current available legal resources on to more resources to be made available for really caging the criminal Cameroon regime for good.

DerrIc Yuh

Click here to read the full report

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