Two main reasons why La Republique du Cameroun decided to burn down their own National Assembly
Two main reasons why La Republique du Cameroun decided to burn down their own National Assembly

Reason 1:

Following the current crisis in Southern Cameroons and the wild awareness created by Ambazonians in the diaspora to the entire world (especially to various governments and different  major international organisations) about the true root causes of the current crisis, it will be no new news to know that La Republique du Cameroun has finally decided to burn down it's own National Assembly in order to hide all existing archives and evidences showing how this very National Assembly failed to honor but instead helped in manipulating the UN sponsored "gentleman's agreement" that was signed by both Alhidjo and Foncha prior to the 1961 plebiscite that took place ONLY in the Southern Cameroons.

 Therefore, this fire is simply a planned act to help la Republique hides evidences on how her National Assembly has over the years systematically manipulated the people of Southern Cameroons to a stateless nation. 

Reason 2:

The recent boycott of the November 2017 opening session by the SDF MPs and further emphasis by the party to continue with their boycott campaign until a genuine solution is found for the so-called "Anglophone problem" gave a big international blow to La Republique and also  further made it National Assembly powerless, useless and none representative of the national unity as always claimed by la Republique in their old colonial doctrine of "Cameroon being one and indivisible". 

Given that, the government of la Republique is not willing and ready to discuss/dialogue and honestly address the root causes of the current crisis in Southern Cameroons as advised by the UN, AU,US, UK, Germany, Canada and many goodwill governments and international organisations from across the globe, in order to avoid the illegitimacy of the current National Assembly; should they persist to operate in the midst of SDF's boycott, la Republique du Cameroun had no other choice but to burn down it's own National Assembly. By so doing, all activities of the current National Assembly will immediately be suspended on grounds of fire investigations and reconstruction efforts. With this mechanism set in motion, La Republique's corrupt, rotten and brainless government can then buy time to negotiate with the SDF MPs or even bribe some of them to ensure they shall immediately return to the National Assembly by the time the reconstruction of the Glass House is either complete or whenever a new temporal location has been designated.

Don't leave out a third reason for this fire which would definitely be coined by Mr. Issa Bag-garri Tilapia in a few minutes from now by terming the current fire as an arson act committed by the "secessionist terrorists" so as for him to excel La Republique's justification as regards their current act of genocide and other crimes against humanity ongoing in Southern Cameroons. 

Moreso, by this fire act, La Republique du Cameroun is also trying to avert all current charges with the International Criminal Court at the Hague against key masterminders of these ongoing crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroons. 

God is still saying something to Southern Cameroons! 

The Restoration Continues!

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