Human Rights abuse in Ambazonia continues whilst the UN remains silent.
This is what Southern Cameroonians present day Ambazonians are facing in the hands of the occupied forces of La Republique Du Cameroun


Ehhh.... what's your name?


Arrey Rolland Courage....


Ok...Just tell us where you are from and explain what happened.

A. Rolland:

I am from Okoyong and on my way to the farm was stopped by LR soldiers as they saw me on the way to the farm. I was asked where was I heading to? I told them I was on my way to the farm. As they caught me, they started beating me up. They kept beating me asking me where I was heading to and I repeatedly told them I was on my way to the farm.

I was beating for a while and at some point, they took my farm tools (cutlass) heat it up and pressed it on my back and continue beating me with it.


Please, turn around so we can see the bruises and burns so the people can see what they did to your back.  This is horrific! exclaimed the interviewer. Alright, So this is what was done to you. What happened next?

A. Rolland:

They said I should be killed and their boss requested I be shot there but some of the soldiers requested I instead be thrown into a river so I can drown to death. I was thrown into a car as they were distracted I jumped off and started running. The soldiers fired shots in my direction but missed. I ran off and hid in the forest for a week. 

During my time in the forest, I struggled and finally made my way to Nigeria.


Ok, Please can you show us your contact here in Nigeria. 

This is just one of the many stories we can put together for the world to see what the brutal regime of Mr. Paul Biya is doing to the people of the Southern Cameroons (Federal Republic Of Ambazonia) which is now an occupied territory by the forces of La Republique Du Cameroon since the declaration of independence on October 21st, 2017.  

We need the United Nations to intervene and stop this gross violation of Human Rights practice by the government of Cameroon. The Cameroon government just left Switzerland Human Rights convention and preached how it upheld and respected the right of people but this is not the case with what is happening in the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia.



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