This isn't a popularity contest or a catwalk, it is a gross violation of Human Rights perpetrated by the forces of La Republic Du Cameroon on the people of Southern Cameroon.

Is this the Cameroon LRC preach as being indivisible? How long will our people recognise we are not worth a dime.

Reports early this morning Sunday 19 November 2017 from the Northern Region of Southern Cameroon present-day the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia, have not been the best. We are getting reports of military personnel within the city center, especially around Hospital Roundabout allegedly chasing people and sending them back home. 

It is yet to confirm the reasons for their action though there are several reports not yet confirmed form social media platforms and online forums of gunshots early this morning within the Northern Region of Ambazonia in the town of Bamenda. 

In this article, we have a concerned citizen filming the actions and activities of the military officers from a highrise building or apartment. From the report, he states the military officer trashed the market and stop people and families going to church and a family as can be seen from the video asking the Dad as explained by the film taker to walk on his knees on the road, covering several yards. 

If this is not trampling on the rights of Ambazonians the one is speechless why a military officer will ask a citizen to walk on his knees. Also undercover you can see the victim trying to plead with the officer who has little or no rumors for the victim. Later a lady seems to move towards the soldiers as explained by the film taker to be the daughter perhaps trying to plead with the officers.

This is just one of the lucky videos released online what the people of this region are facing daily. With thousands fleeing into Nigeria as refugees the world needs to know what the government of La Republic Du Cameroon is doing to the people of Ambazonia. The international bodies like the UN being silent and sending warnings to this government only falls on deaf ears. This government has demonstrated it doesn't respect and comply with any laws and the international community needs to know we are dealing with a regime founded on lies, deception, corruption, and subjugation, where they will do anything possible to manipulate their way to brand the people of Southern Cameroon their slaves or better still terrorist and are not worth a dime.


Armed soldiers from the Republic Of Cameroon forcing an Ambazonian citizen to walk on his knees.

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