​Summary Execution of Southern Cameroonians - Ambazonians in Menka, Pinyin

Soldiers of French Cameroun  have summarily executed over 28 young men and women in Menka, Pinyin
today, the 25th of May 2018.

The Interim Government of Federal Republic of Ambazonia condemns this barbaric genocidal act of
French Cameroun Military in the strongest of terms and is drawing the attention of the national and
international communities to the execution of unarmed civilians by French Cameroun soldiers.

Eyewitness and survivors have told the Interim Government that, they counted at least 28 dead bodies,
and that, most of them are young men and women from Menka, Pinyin.

One of the deceased has been identified as Muluh Eric Cho, a 24-year-old young man. Residents also
reported that the young men and women killed by French Cameroun soldiers were randomly shot at on
the street and some of them at their homes. It is also alleged that, some of the deceased were killed at
point-blank range around a local motel.
The corpses of the victims were abandoned by the soldiers who also made scores of indiscriminate
abductions of onlookers.

Following the carnage, hundreds of villagers have now ran into nearby bushes and the whereabouts of
most elderly people is unknown.

The killing in Menka this afternoon by French Cameroun soldiers is not isolated as decomposed dead
bodies are reported across the territory of Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia. For example, 25 dead
bodies with bullet wounds were found in Bali this morning, while some other 15 bodies were discovered
along the street of Acha Tugi and Batibo yesterday.

While extending condolences to the bereaved families, the Acting President, Dr Samuel Sako has
promised to do everything legally possible to protect communities in Ambazonia and also to bring the
perpetrators of all gruesome killings in Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia to the court of law.

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia uses this opportunity to inform the
international community that, the carnage is getting worse every day, Ambazonians are therefore
encouraged to defend themselves using whatever means possible from the brutal soldiers of French
Cameroun. Click here to Watch an excerpt of Sec Chris Anu presentation yesterday May 25th, 2018

Some images of French Cameroun Soldiers gruesome killing of Southern Cameronians - Ambazonians in Menka, Pinyin today, the 25th of May 2018 are shown in the images below.