Southern Cameroonians or Anglophone Cameroon have won By Senior journalist Elie Smith

Southern Cameroonians or Anglophone Cameroon have won  By Senior journalist Elie Smith

Southern Cameroonians or Anglophone Cameroon have won

I was forced to take a 30 days hiatus. Now,  I am back. During my absence, I noticed that most of you were worried. The most interesting was that even those who passed for my enemies manifested a concern that amazed me pleasantly. It showed that our differences were perhaps only ideological. I want to thank all those who called, texted or e-mailed me.

I was absent because of what Facebook calls violation of their community rules. Curiously, my page wasn't the only one suspended but those of Remy Ngono, Boris Bertolt and Paul Chuta were also. Another curiosity, our pages went dark only after without any agreement, we had published information regarding the atrocities carried out, allegedly by Cameroonian security forces in the two English-speaking regions otherwise known as Southern Cameroon's. So Facebook truly needs more convincing defense to float around. 

One People 

Regarding Southern Cameroon's, they have shown that they are a strong nation. One people, one nation inspired by God. They have defeated the seemingly invincible Cameroonian Defence Forces, trained and armed by all the global powers: USA, UK, France, China, and Russia.  At the start of this crisis, someone told me that, it will require a simple Police operation to quell the Anglophone rightful and justified revolt. 

As we are going into the 3rd year, all corps of the Cameroonian expeditionary forces have been sent to Southern Cameroon's and they have met their battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo combined. Every warmonger in Yaounde knows they can't win militarily. But Joseph Wirba had forewarned them so eloquently. In unequivocal terms, he said: all Cameroonian security forces and those of France won't defeat Southern Cameroon's. 

No to violence 

Having demonstrated their resilience in front of oppression, I humbly think it's time to put violence out of this struggle. In fact, while I have commended the bravery of the ragtag resistance, I am also forced to admit that the slaughter, the destruction of human and material is taking its toll on us. The centre for human rights and democracy in Africa, headed by Felix Agbor Nkongho aka Balla recently published a mind-boggling list of villages in Southern Cameroon's burned down by Cameroonian security forces. Violence is not part of Southern Cameroon's DNA, but was forced on them. But at some point, we have to come to the reality. 

Losing battle 

Our boys as young as 10 are being summarily executed. Alarmed by the pogrom, one colleague told me: "soon we will not have strong men able to father more Southern Cameroonians, because the rate at which Cameroonian security forces are killing our boys is disturbing ". Our girls and mothers are randomly raped. The little economy and infrastructure that we had are up in flames.

And worst, the fight was about preserving our identity. We didn't want it to corrupted by French. But now that the children of the middle class in Southern Cameroon's are in large numbers going to study in study in Bafoussam, Dschang, Douala, Mbanga or far Yaounde and Kribi, that Anglophone identity will eventually be destroyed. Because they will become cultural hybrids with French cantankerous behavior dominating. And the dream of Francophonising Southern Cameroon's packaged as bilingualism will actualize.

Southern Cameroonians or at least those fueling the armed wing must know, that, the majority led francophone government in Yaounde is animated by a desire to correct the Fachodoa defeat. But, they must permit that to happen, hence I think peaceful protest is long challenging and most often humiliating, but it's the best.

Author: Elie Smith