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Invest Now in SCBC TV.
The first community-owned and operated  TV station in Africa and one of the few in the world with a representative Board of Ambazonian Communities worldwide in a formidable partnership to take the Voice of Ambazonia to every living room around the world beyond the satellite coverage sub-Saharan Africa on Ambazonian developed and deployed platforms.  Part of the shares are on offer to private investors Now.
We are the first African community-owned television company to go beyond continental presence. We have developed our own intellectual property to go beyond Facebook and YouTube to integrate into  Roku, Apple TV, Google Play and Amazon Fire television services. 

We have employed top-notch technology on a lower cost continent to enter the global television market.

Ambazonia is our home and hub. Africa our turf.  *Our dedication to unshackle Ambazonia from recolonization by the Genocidal Cooperation Accords Alliance has no parallel on television and is found in the annals of conclaves.

Join SCBC investors by investing too and keep the initiative growing. The shares cost $0.1 each and the minimum investment is $100. Do not be left out.  By your participation, Ambazonia shall be rebuilt one company at a time into a formidable property-owning democracy. Yes, Amba Can.
Read full details on Scbctv shares offer from the investor's handbook on the link below 
SCBC TV Marketing  Team