SCBC Disclaimer

SCBC Disclaimer

The SCBC Board & Management distance themselves and condemn the derogatory statements made during Sec. Chris Anu’s live program of 24th July 2018 with one of the administrator’s accounts on the SCBC Facebook page

During Secretary Chris Anu’s live broadcast of the evening of the of July 25, 2018 when he talked about SCBC the board and management noticed that the SCBC account was commenting with derogatory statements especially about My Trip To Buea, the Board & Management could not identify who was one of the over 20 administrators we have added onto the SCBC account from the Board, Management and Communications Department.

With no way to find out during the live show, the Board instructed the Management team to deactivate all administrators from the SCBC account which was done so to prevent what was going on. We have this morning identified the account to be Amba Zonia on Facebook and both Board & Management will further investigate who mans that account as what the account did was unacceptable and whoever is behind it deserves to be named and shamed.

SCBC Board and Management profoundly apologize for such to have happened and promise the Amba-zonian public to open an investigation into the matter in finding who mans that account and if anyone can assist with findings, please do. We will end this statement by stating categorically that the SCBC Board & Management teams support and endorse the My Trip To Buea Initiative of AP Dr. E Sako and encourages Ambazonians who haven’t donated to the project to still do so as its still upon that every Ambazonian at least writes their names.

The Board will follow this release with a Media Briefing later today with a few Board members in attendance to clear the air. The misunderstandings will surely be dealt with completely and we pray that we all remain focused on the enemy.

Short live the struggle.