SCBC Board Disclaimer Statement on Private Control/Ownership of SCBC

SCBC Board Disclaimer Statement on Private Control/Ownership of SCBC

May 30th, 2018

Press Release 007
Fellow Ambazonians,
You all must have noticed that we are not in the habit of counteracting every attack that is launched
against SCBC geared at weakening our foundation and destroying the most unique voice of our peaceful
revolution, but we keep working relentlessly in the background to furnish you with quality service that
engages our viewers 24 hours a day with new generation technology. This is because we believe in your
maturity and we put the bulk of our audience in the first position. However, we regret to inform you that
we have come under frequent negative slander recently and we deem it necessary to clarify you in issues
many gullible minds deliberately desire to be ignorant of.

The Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) BOARD vehemently condemns any attempt of linking it to private ownership. It is the people's TV and has from inception remained the voice of
Ambazonia and was created and ran by Ambazonians for the people of Ambazonia. The SCBC board is the sole custodian of SCBC as delegated by the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia overseen by the Department of Communications.
Conclave four decision to make SCBC autonomous and self-sustaining was taken seriously by the board and reaffirmed by the acting president H.E. Dr Samuel Sako Ikome in January when he announced its
privatization. The board has since November designated the role of SCBC enterprise development and
planning to a team under the able coordination of the SCBC Vice-Chair Dr Matt. We have developed a solid business case for SCBC making it ready for partial privatization to raise SCBC sustainable funding capital through shareholders’ investment. The process has been conducted diligently to ensure that SCBC shares never fall into hands of enemy number 1 and that at all times the interim government holds majority
decision-making shares of the broadcaster.

SCBC enterprise which holds the SCBC license will be issuing SCBC shares once SCBC Investment Prospectus shall be made public after final review. After expert examination together with the IG, it has been submitted to be reviewed by the Restoration Council and will soon be approved as a US-based entity under the control of the SCBC BOARD.

As the chairman of the BOARD, on behalf of the board, I condemn all acts of misinformation and slander
aimed at demoralizing the management team and I reassure the team of our moral support and implore
that they continue to uphold their professional integrity. They should not be demotivated, never react to
falsehood but stay focused on the bigger picture which is pushing the struggle quickly to Buea.

SCBC 2 is an innovation introduced by the management team at no extra cost to the interim government
and it is still part of the SCBC family and its target audience is broader - it covers Africa and other
developing countries and its content will be mostly educational and seek to inspire entrepreneurship in
young people. Ambazonians will benefit on advocacy through sharing news on what is happening in
Ambazonia on its news bar to enable our diverse audience to continuously be aware of the ongoing
genocide metted on our people.

Fellow comrades, we want to reassure the ambazonian people of upholding to the highest professional and moral integrity standards as we continue to innovate with SCBC to make it an outstanding broadcaster not only in West Africa but the entire continent of Africa. I can guarantee you that SCBC will open up to all
groups, movements and individuals in a spirit of respect, tolerance and togetherness towards a common
destiny. Those who know me can testify that my ambition is to promote dialogue, peace and negotiations
between peoples and nations. War and warring factions can never be the future of our struggle.
Please feel free to contact the Chairman of the SCBC board directly by email at with all your comments and concerns on SCBC for the board's immediate attention.
Revolutionary greetings
Comrade Francis Ntube Eseme
Cc. All Board members