Resolutions of an Extraordinary SCBC Television Board Meeting, Held 27th July 2018

 Resolutions of an Extraordinary SCBC Television Board Meeting, Held 27th July 2018

Mindful of Resolution 25 of the 4th Conclave of the Ambazonian People held in Zaria, Nigeria in October 2017, which mandated the SCBC Television Board to manage the company as an autonomous, self-sustaining and independent broadcaster,

- Mindful of the address to the Nation of Ambazonia on 24 February 2018 articulating the privatization of SCBC by the Acting President H.E. Dr Sako Samuel Ikome, thus implementing the 4th Conclave Resolution 25. (N.B. February 24, 2018, by coincidence, was the same day H.E. Sako received the contract of SCBC with a satellite broadcaster, despite public refusal of the fact).

- Mindful of RESOLUTIONS OF AN EXTRAORDINARY SCBC Television BOARD MEETING, held 21st JUNE 2018, No.: SCBC/008/0622/MMXVIII; and the SCBC CHAIRMAN'S PRESENTATION TO THE AMBAZONIAN LEADERSHIP entitled “A Business Advocacy Decision on SCBC Strategy Going Forward”, Ref No. SCBC/009/1307/MMXVIII,

- Mindful of meetings held between the Board and Cabinet, Board and Restoration Council (RC) and the Board and Cabinet together with the RC, and all the attempts of SCBC to solicit common grounds regarding policy making in the SCBC,

- Mindful of the need for a Free Press and for all media to serve as an advocacy platform in the liberation struggle of Ambazonia, including the need to unite the IG with all frontline movements, public figures and activists in the supreme interest of security,

- Mindful of the present Cabinet's leaked decision on social media but announced on July 24, 2018 on SCBCTV by Secretary of State for Communications to cease all rapport with SCBCTV and birth a new ABC Television, prompted by a predatory desire to command, exclusively own and control SCBC together with its alternate Trade name “Ambazonia Broadcasting Corporation (AzBC) taught in a confidential business Prospectus of the SCBC; while simultaneously broadcasting on SCTV, Youtube and Facebook platforms of which neither is under the command, ownership or control of the Interim Government,

- Including a confirmation on 07/27/2018 from the Secretary of State for Finance, member of Cabinet, that the Interim Government has resolved to stop paying SCBC vendors, effective immediately, and that the Board should await an official Notification Letter, in effort to render SCBC insolvent.

The SCBC board in an Extraordinary meeting this day the 27th of July 2018, deliberated upon the above and resolved as follows:

1. That SCBC shall remain autonomous, self-sustaining and independent Ambazonian project for the benefit of all Ambazonians interested in developing a leading broadcaster of Africa in Ambazonia.

2. That the SCBC adopts an editorial policy that requires everyone appearing on SCBC Television cameras to adhere to a professional code of conduct wherein no one shall incite violence or hate speech based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, gender or religion, constituting incitement to cause harm, and that SCBC Television shall be an instrument to promote the Ambazonian struggle for self-determination.

3. That the SCBC Board forges good working relationships with the IG and all frontline movements to synchronize messaging to the world, thereby showcasing our maturity, unity in diversity and political reconciliation through civil and democratic processes.

4. That the SCBC shall prohibit any divisive broadcast message that demotivates the struggle and insists that all content producers agree to be responsible for informing their guests in advance.

5. That the SCBC shall give Ambazonians the right and opportunity to become shareholders and investors in SCBC and build together a profit-making enterprise taking advantage of a satellite footprint covering all sub-Saharan Africa and worldwide multimedia access. In this respect, the Board members as custodians of SCBC, shall go out to their communities and request individuals to donate towards a broadcasting service invoice of $12,550 due on 3rd August 2018 to avert another suspension. And that these donations shall be converted into personal ordinary shares at the issue price shortly.

Finally, SCBC believes in the Revolution and shall champion the following campaigns:

● Join IG and all frontline movements to commemorate 1st of October as Independence Day

● To Support the position of liberation movements in matters regarding the All Anglophone Conference slated from August 29-30, 2018, and make sure the message goes out to our people on ground zero.

● Ensure proper messaging for NO ELECTIONS by French Cameroun in Ambazonia.

Demand the release of H.E. President Sisiku AyukTabe, his Cabinet members, aides, #Taraba39, #Calaba8, Mancho Bibixy, Penn Terence, Patrick Ndangoh, Ntsi Conrad and all other Ambazonian prisoners of conscience in the dungeons of French Cameroun.