No.: SCBC/008/0622/MMXVIII

(a) Mindful of the 4th Conclave Resolutions
• #13 and #14 announcing the formation of an Interim Government (IG) led by H.E. Sisiku Julius AyukTabe as President and calling on him to constitute a Cabinet as the Executive arm of government,
• #15 establishing the Restoration Council, and
• #25 granting the SCBC the autonomy to be self-sustaining and to be run by an Independent Board.

(b) Cognizant of the fact that on 24 February 2018, H.E. Dr. Sako Samuel Ikome, acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia announced to the nation on SCBC Television the decision of Cabinet to privatise the SCBC and make it self-sustaining.

(c) Further considering that SCBC Board members are duly constituted through nominations by constituencies of Ambazonians throughout the world to represent the interest of their region/country in the Board.
(d) Mindful of CABINET MINUTES AND SUMMARY OF RESOLUTIONS OF JUNE 20, 2018, circulated on social media without prior consultation with the SCBC Board, in which the very first Resolutions concern the SCBC Television, which read as follows:

A. Resolutions about SCBC TV (Vote 13 in favor, 3 Abstentions and 0 against).
1. That with the IG owning the SCBC 100%, cabinet authorizes the discontinuation of shares of 51% Public and 49% Interim Government that was previously decided.
2. That Board of Directors of the SCBC should be reviewed and if need be recomposed.
3. That at this sensitive moment of our revolution and to maintain focus on GZ as well as the integrity of SCBC TV, there should be no change in Interim Government Policy related to the Editorial Policy of the 
SCBCTV about programs and programming for now.

After this extraordinary meeting, SCBC Board members resolutely adopted the following resolutions:
(1) To uphold Resolution #25 of the 4th Conclave giving the SCBC Board autonomy to be self-sustaining and to be run by an Independent Board. Independence in this context means a total dedication to the struggle for a free Ambazonia, enabling honest debates to take place between Ambazonians in public and to be free of interference by the IG and its successors while adhering to an editorial policy open to all.

(2) To uphold the Terms of Reference (TOR) agreed between the SCBC Board and the IG and as well as the inter-IG-SCBC consultation mechanism to resolve any inopportune misunderstanding.

(3) That the Privatization Prospectus which has been approved by the Restoration Council and previously endorsed by the IG be used as the marketing strategy to establish financial independence for SCBC Television. Needless to remind the Cabinet that this Prospectus was misquoted in their resolution A.1 whereas the real plan places 51% of the shares under the control of the IG and 49% to private investors.

(4) That the Cabinet can meet with the SCBC Enterprise and Planning Committee led by Dr. Mat (the Vice Chairman of the Board) to evaluate whether the IG will single-handedly purchase all 36m ordinary shares worth $3.6m and own SCBC 100% as stipulated in the cabinet resolutions. However, it is the opinion of Board members that SCBC be fully privatized with the IG controlling 51%.

(5) That pursuant to responsible broadcasting requirements in virtually all jurisdictions, SCBC TV shall be conditionally accessible to all Ambazonian people, including frontline movements and activists, all of whom are required to undersign a memorandum of understanding to abide by the editorial policy of SCBC Television.

(6) That that editorial policy requires everyone on SCBC Television cameras to adhere to a professional code of conduct wherein no one shall use SCBC Television to incite violence or hate speech based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, gender or religion, constituting incitement to cause harm and that SCBC Television shall be an instrument to promote the Ambazonian struggle.

(7) That the SCBC Board and technical team are composed of nationalists who are committed to the struggle and shall not accept to be treated any less by the Cabinet as they work to support the struggle for themselves and the people of Ambazonia.

(8) That the SCBC Board and technical team members spend much time and energy just like members of the IG without pay, to make sure that we all can get to Buea soonest by giving quality service to the entire Ambazonian population. It is incumbent on all Ambazonians to avoid any sense of proxy, elitism or over-riding tendencies and endeavor to exemplify selflessness and humility in service to our people and country. Whereas, ownership, payment of bills and broadcasting services are a sovereign prerogative of the people of Ambazonia.

(9) That the SCBC Board wishes to see the political doctrine of constitutional law under which the various arms and institutions of our government are kept separate under strict checks and balances. Each arm of government is given certain powers to be able to check and balance the other arm to ensure we build a better country than that of our oppressor.

(10) That every Board member who participated in this board meeting today signs these resolutions stating the community he or she represents and shall take a copy back to them as a report.

(11) That the Executive Chairman of the SCBC Board shall deliver a copy to the Cabinet and another to the Restoration Council with immediate effect.