Prof Patrick Lumumba warns of Africa China relations

Prof Patrick Lumumba warns of Africa China relations

Africa has skills and trained personnel that can spearhead the development of the continent for it to become an economic hub but warned that if Africa is not careful will be swallowed by China, Professor Patrick Lumumba has said.

Speaking during an interview with the SABC Professor Lumumba said it was time Africa recognizes that she must begin to take up leadership and define her own agenda as she engages with the world.

“Africa is not going to go through a fast rapid dramatic development but a slow and painful one because there are a lot of headways and that is what we need to work on.

On FOCAC meeting he expressed that in his view it was wrong for that meeting to be held in Beijing but Addis Ababa.

“I am amongst some of the people who were saying the meeting was supposed to be held on the African soil discussing African issues with a Chinese delegation so that the needs of Africa are discussed on the African continent.

“China has defined what she wants and have realized that Africa has the resources and China is now exporting to fish to Africa but the question is what is Africa exporting beyond the raw materials and my view is we must ensure that China will not run the show in Africa,” he said.

This comes at the background of the move by the 44 heads of state to hold a meeting in China and accept a 60 billion debt in the name of fair relations with no strings attached.

Author: Staff Writer