My Trip To Buea

My Trip To Buea

Welcome aboard! We're delighted you stopped by this website to learn more about My Trip To Buea. We ask that you join us on this exciting and historic trip to Buea by purchasing a ticket today, or paying towards a ticket. These are not redeemable tickets for actual flights, but represent your tangible investment in getting us to Buea. Your flight ticket represents a donation to accelerate ALL the efforts to restore the statehood of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, and to get us all to Buea!

Our Accomplishments so far

It is said to whom much is given, much is expected. Individually and collectively, we are a blessed people. And YOUR generosity over the past year+ have funded the execution of some amazing accomplishments. Before listing them, we want to stop and say THANK YOU for your generosity, especially though the Citizen Levy program on AmbaGov. As a God fearing people, we ask that God continues to bless the work of your hands so that you might bless the nation of Ambazonia on its path to restored Statehood.

Without sharing information that could hurt our strategic and tactical efforts, here is a short list of some the key achievements:

  • The funding of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation TV (SCBC-TV) [over $12,000 a month]
  • The recent creation of the Short Wave Radio Station  (Voice over Amba)
  • Legal Defense for detained Leadership
  • Lobbying and Public Advocacy
  • Refugee Relief - inside Ambaland and in camps in Nigeria
  • Detainee Assistance (in jails and prisons in La Republique Du Cameroun)
  • Restoration & Reconstruction Planning

How it works and What you get in return

Purchasing a ticket for your trip to Buea gets you place aboard this majestic airline on its official trip to Buea. You recall that our symbolic declaration of Independence on October 1, 2017 shook the Republic of Cameroun Government, especially following the awe-inspiring marches of September 22, 2017. We take a moment to respectfully honor the memory of the children, women and children who were senselessly killed by the army of the Government of Cameroun. May their Souls Rest In Peace.

Purchasing a ticket for #MyTripToBuea gets you a boarding pass. Following purchase, boarding passes will be emailed to you based on the information you entered when making your donation. For donors who share their mailing addresses, physical copies of their boarding passes will be mailed to their addresses on file.

What does a boarding pass get you? Well, for starters, it recognizes and validates your contribution to making Buea a reality. When Buea becomes a reality, you will be honored accordingly (TBD - rewards program being developed)

What if you lose your boarding pass? No worries. You will be able to pull up an electronic copy of your boarding pass on this website, by searching based on your unique boarding pass number.

A few words about MyTripToBuea

These are indeed the best of times and the worst of times. I am excited at the successful launch of the MyTripToBuea campaign, and I’m confident it will live up to your expectations.  It is a critical initiative to afford the interim government with the resources to initiate and fully execute the agenda which President Sisiku had outlined.

If those events were a rattling experience for all of us, it only served to inspire everyone to gear-up for the long battle ahead. We can be certain now as much as we’ve ever been: there is no going back!

We continue to see the carnage unfold in our homeland; the list of towns and localities ransacked and pillaged by the Cameroon military continues to grow. It is a reminder to all of us that we, the people of Ambazonia, have a date with destiny, and we cannot, and must NOT, miss that appointment.

So, this is your chance to plant your stake on the ground and make a down-payment on YOUR future in a big way. We, together, must materialize our commitment to the future nation we’ve dreamt and talked about for sixty years. Our jailed leaders and your compatriots are counting on you. 

I invite you to tell everyone about MyTripToBuea. I urge you to make this campaign a resounding success. This is about the future. We expect to easily exceed the $2M target we’ve set for ourselves. But if we do, we’ll keep going. Nothing would give more eloquent testimony to us being an nupsytanding and resilient people.

Short-live the Revolution!
Long live Southern Cameroons Ambazonia!

Acting President Samuel Sako