Military officers in SW on tenterhooks as ARFs April 20 ultimatum approaches

Military officers in SW on tenterhooks as ARFs April 20 ultimatum approaches

An uneasy atmosphere now reigned in the South West Regional Capital Buea, since a video surfaced on social media in which elements of the Ambazonian Restoration Forces issued an ultimatum to all Government officials in Buea to vacate the capital before April 20, 2018.

The video has been released by a new faction of the Ambazonia fighters dubbed the Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors.

Apart from warning Government officials, the Bakossi Ambazonia Warriors have also cautioned the population in Buea and other towns in Fako Division to purchase foodstuff and other basic necessities and stuck in their homes.

Going by them, they are coming to take over the former capital of British Southern Cameroons.

“We know that delivering our capital will not be a walk in the park, but we are ready,” the warriors stated.

Since the post went viral on social media, civil servants have been avoiding Government offices in order not to be caught in any clash between Government forces and the Ambazonia Restoration Forces.

As the April 20 deadline given by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces for Government officials to leave the capital of former Southern Cameroons looms, security has heightened in the Region. Despite the tight security, civilians are still going about their daily businesses unperturbed.

However, the video has struck fear in the heart of the population of Buea that has not witnessed any hostility since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

The population has only been hearing of fighting in places like Kembong, Kwa-Kwa, Kumba, Nguti, Mamfe, Tado, Belo and Mbengwi among others, while they are enjoying relative peace.

Source: Journal du Cameroun