Ghost towns, gunshots mar school resumption in Southern Cameroons

Ghost towns, gunshots mar school resumption in Southern Cameroons

The 2018-2019 academic year has kicked off in Cameroon, effectively in eight of the ten regions in the country as uncertainty looms in the two English-speaking regions.

While the streets were buzzing early on Monday morning in the major cities of Douala and Yaounde, it was not the case in the other cities of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

Buea, the capital of the South West Region got up to its usual Monday ghost town with shops sealed and streets deserted with just a few private vehicles seen plying the streets.

The city got up to a tiring morning after an exchange of fire on Sunday evening between gunmen and security forces in the Mile 16 neighborhood, situated at the entrance of the town.

A few students who took out for school were frustrated in their attempts by a lack of taxis and the situation has equally not been helped by the recent ban on the movement of motorcycles in Buea by the Mayor, Patrick Ekema Esunge. However, sources confirmed a few students were seen on campus at the Bilingual Grammar School in Molyko in the early hours.

The ghost town operation has swept through the region and reports emerging from Kumba equally confirm the streets are completely deserted.

In the North West Region, the ghost town operation is characterized by gunshots in various localities as security forces battle with pro-independence fighters.

Reports say the Bafut gendarmerie brigade situated at Agyati was attacked early on Monday morning by heavily armed men leading to a shootout that lasted for hours.

Gunshots were equally reported around the Bambili Police Station early on Monday morning but it is not clear who was shoot but sources confirm the area is completely ghosted as residents have to stay indoors since morning.

Fierce fightings were equally reported early this morning in next door Bambui it was equally the same scenario in Sabga.

Summarily, the ghost town and gunshots have frustrated the start of the school year in the Anglophone regions but most parents contacted by, however, look forward to sending the children to school in the days ahead.

Source: Journal du Cameroun