Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Have you noticed what I have noticed? Since floods affected Ivory Coast, in particular, its commercial hub, Abidjan, social media: Facebook is inundated with sympathies from French-speaking Cameroonians to their brothers and sisters in Ivory Coast. Now, how many of them did show sympathy when UB students were raped and beaten by Cameroonian security forces? How many are interested at what's happening in Anglophone Cameroon? 

A recent opinion poll conducted by Elmed, which are initials of names of researchers who carried out the findings: Dr Célestin Elockson, Prof Joël Müller and Prof Emmanuel Djuatio, showed,  the Anglophone crisis was bottom on the list of preoccupations of our Francophone brothers and sisters. 

It partly explained why, the results of their opinion poll showed that Paul Biya would be winner, if presidential  election were to be held as at the time their results were published. I asked one of them: "How can Biya be elected or is expected to be elected, with his poor management of current Anglophone crisis?" His reply was: " It looks like, Anglophone crisis is not their primary concern". And he added: "the opinion poll were conducted in Douala and Yaounde and responses came from 4000 people".   

While Douala and Yaounde are the most populated cities in Cameroon, their views are not necessarily those of Cameroon and results from opinion polls are not to be taken into consideration, but they remain nonetheless an important compass to judge a society.  Did you noticed how they were excited about the political situation in Gabon?

Source: Elie Smith