Cameroon deployes war tanks to English-speaking regions

Cameroon deployes war tanks to English-speaking regions

The Biya regime has unleashed military Tanks to Anglophones Cameroon this Friday, December 29, 2017.

The war tankers were seen leaving Douala earlier today to fight in the war declared by Paul Biya in English-speaking regions .

Intense fighting, kidnapping, killings by special forces of the Cameroon army seem to be bearing little fruits in the guerrilla war currently going on in Manyu divsion and this new deployment of weapons sudjest a new phase in the war against Ambazonians.

With the General elections in Cameroon scheduled for 2018 ,the threats from the ambazonia is a bad news for President Biya. Probably why the regime has unleashed its strongest defence to fight the Ambazonias.

For over a year now,Anglophone Cameroonians have been arrested and transfered to prison in francophone Cameroon and many forced to flee to Nigeria.According to UN Relief about 75000 anglophones have registered as refugees in Nigeria .Local NGO United Support for Peace says some 433 prisoners in the central prison of Buea are living in desperate conditions.

Extract: Alafnet