Arrest Of ‘Ambazonia’ Leaders: Interim Government Calls For Three Days Ghost Town

Arrest Of ‘Ambazonia’ Leaders: Interim Government Calls For Three Days Ghost Town

Bamenda, Cameroon-Sunday January, 2018 -9:20 AM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) The interim government of the ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’ has announced a three days ghost town in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon from Monday January 8, 2018 to Wednesday January 10, 2018.

An audio message circulating on Social Media with signature from the Secretary in charge of Communication, Chris Anu, notes that the ghost town is in response to the ‘abduction’ of the leaders of the interim government in a hotel in Nigerian capital, Abuja Friday night.

It is not clear who arrested the leaders but Chris Anu, reveals 12 armed men stormed the Nera hotel around 7:30 PM and took the 9 men and one woman to an unknown destination.

According to a release signed by the Communication Secretary, the ‘kidnappers’ were sent by Cameroon government.

But Premium Times, a Nigerian online news outlet reports that the men were arrested by Nigerian DSS men implying Nigerian authorities were aware of the action.

Premium Times reports that They (DSS) came with guns and ammunitions to the hotel when they took them away. They arrived for a meeting of the high command of the leadership of the Ambazonia republic scheduled to hold at the hotel.


Both governments are yet to react to these allegations.

Extract: Cameroon news Agency.