Arithmatics - Learn Basic Maths

Arithmatics - Learn Basic Maths
Arithmatics - Learn Basic Maths

An organisation by name Mobile Fibre. released another education app for nursery and primary schools in Cameroon. The app enable kids to learn simple arithmetics to better their maths skills. It is a good app for parents to download to support their children in arithmetics or simple maths.

Arithmatics is a maths game it lets childrain train their brain in maths and have fun. It also lets them challenge their friends in split screen mode. Works perfectly for kids from ages 4 and above. After playing this free maths game, your children will definitely calculate faster.

General Game Features:

You can select different game times from (1min - 2mins - 4mins)
You can select Single Mode or Split-screen Mode to play
You can select specific math operation to train on from (+) (-) (x) (÷)
Background Music and Sound Effects makes the game even better
Note! The game gets harder as you proceed

Single Mode features:

Get extra scores as long as you answer the correct questions in a row
Get extra time as long as you proceed in the game
Freeze time features make the time stop for a 10 seconds

Split Screen Mode Features:

Freeze features make the player freeze his opposition for 10 seconds and prevent him
from playing
Extra score
Extra time
You get notified of the winner at the end of the game

Let's learn and teach our children arithmetics!