Anglophone crisis: Military court sentence three civilians for 'terrorism'

Anglophone crisis: Military court sentence three civilians for 'terrorism'

Military court don sentence three civilians weh de arrest for Anglophone region for seka de crisis for terrorism and oda crimes.

Penn Terence Khan go dey for prison for 12 years, and pay fine for FCFA 5m for seka say e be accomplice for secession, finance terrorism, hostility for kontri and e di ginger rebellion according to court. De oda two, Che Benjamin and Ambeizi Andrew get 11 years each.

As e final statement for court, Penn Terence say, "as deh kidnap me, lock for prison, e bi political and e di challenge de foundation for kontri".

Penn say trial for civilians for military court no di respect right for fair trial for court weh e get for be competent and independent.
"For seka say ah no bi army and ah no get any army weapon, dis court don violate my right as e dey for universal declaration for human rights, international convention for civil and political rights and African Commission on people's rights, even fundamental right for fair trial as e dey for preamble for 1996 constitution," et tok for court president.

E say de trial be illegal and ask make court explain how dey kidnap e for 16 January 2017, for Bamenda for acts weh e be fit commit for try e for military court for Yaoundé. Yi add say as de court di act as prosecutor and judge for de same taim, no man fit expect fair judgement from dis kain court. Penn add say de Anglo-Saxon system for Northwest and Southwest need say make deh try e for English.

De student say court fabricate de charges against e with no proof as e no di exist. "Ah no bi terrorist or secessionist but na de political nature for court di make e slam guilty verdict on me. If de term terrorist na for pipo weh deh di fight injustice and discrimination den find me guilty again because na de reason ah stand for wuna before", Penn tok.

Penn say court no fit solve Anglophone crisis and na reason weh international bodies laik UN di tell ngomna make e shine eye for de root cause of de problem.

E say de Anglophone problem no get notin for do with development problem, na lack of protection for English speaking minority, cultural assimilation for pipo, dia identity and cultural genocide e tok.

Source: BBC