Anglophone Crisis: Joshua Osih" It's scandalous that only two or three persons could come and kidnap a Sub Divisional Officer

Anglophone Crisis: Joshua Osih" It's scandalous that only two or three persons could come and kidnap a Sub Divisional Officer

Joshua Osih" It's scandalous that only two or three persons could come and kidnap a Sub Divisional Officer on the 11th of February 2018. According to the Social Democratic Front Presidential candidate for the 2018, the state security agents in the affected regions of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon aren't assured or secured. Since the 11 of February 2018, the date of the kidnap of the Sub Divisional by unknown assailants, who had stormed the 11,February 2018 took away the Sub Divisional officer. The Sub Divisional Marcel Namata Diteng hasn't been released from captivity ever since he was kidnapped.

On the spectacular kidnapping of the Sub Divisional Officer, that of the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the North West Region, Animbom Aaron Ankiambom, kidnapped on the 24th on February in Batibo. Coronated as the Presidential flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front for the 2018 elections, last week end in Bamenda. Osih Joshua sees this situation very disturbing and scandalous. " we are in a situation where there is the declaration of war against against separatist fighters whose mode of warfare is asymmetric and no military can win in such warfare and the security agents are unable to provide security to state officials within these localities.

It's scandalous that only two or three persons could cause such panic within the military that could only watch the Sub Divisional officer being kidnapped. This therefore means that if a war declaration is made against such a resilient group, the Military should be given adequate material and finances that could sustain the war" He was saying this on Monday night during the 8pm political program on Equinox television.

The extreme vulnerability of state agents within these localities having turbulent crisis isn't at all reassuring to the citizens of the Anglophone regions, according to the Social Democratic Front Member of Parliament. " When the population is wrongfully accused and when the people are collectively punished for the crimes that weren't committed by them, it's just because the population is simply saying" Have you even succeeded in providing security for yourselves" How can the military bring that security much trumpeted about in such a very tense sociopolitical climate"? This is the root cause of the problem . "The main challenge is that the problems aren't logically synchronized and given the desired push to resolve permanently this problem.

It's for this reason that we are convinced that the procedure taken to resolve this crisis isn't the right solution . We can't prosper using this procedure and dream of ushering in that much cherished peace. The situation is only inflamed and fanned" decried the native of Kumba.It's never late to make amends and call for that inclusive dialogue which remains as the only means through which peace can be reestablished, within the regions its been disrupted for two years. " The Government of Cameroon has the responsibility of maintaining law and order as well as peace. Then it's an obligation for the Government to reestablish peace withing these regions

It should be taken into account that since two years ago, schools haven't reopened and that there have been ghost towns as well for these two years Insecurity has always been in the increase and lots of state employees as well as state Administrative staff have absconded their jobs in these affected regions. It can then be observed that the military approach in seeking for a sociopolitical crisis wasn't the most appropriate solution to this crisis

It was outrightly stupid and cynical. Therefore let's try talking with those with dissenting voices, listen to them , ask from them what they really want. Dialogue doesn't mean that you concede to everything brought forth on the negotiation table" as proposed by Osih Joshua. This dialogue appears on his eyes more important than the forth coming Presidential Elections that the Country wants to organize this year, 2018

Extract: Cameroon-Concord