Ambazonia Students For Education: Ten Questions to Our Elites/Representatives

Ambazonia Students For Education: Ten Questions to Our Elites/Representatives

Dear Southern Cameroon Elites/Represenratives,

We the Southern Cameroon/ Amazonian students want to congratulate you for your actions on school resumption in the North West and South West regions (Northern Zone and Southern Zone of Ambazonia). We have read so many messages about school resumption from you and those you work for. We have thought it necessary to take our stand in this issue of school resumption for us:

We love schooling so much and are tired of staying at home. It's a fact!
We will be happy to resume school and even study at odd hours as soon as possible. It's our desire!

In the past, you don't use to come out to preach convincing messages for why schools should resume. Mark us, things will be the same as such if you can give us convincing answers to the following questions:

Q. 1
What measures have you put in place to ensure our security from our houses to our schools when people who are expected to provide us security are rather providing insecurity to us??? 

Q. 2
Who are those to provide us with our school needs when our parents/guardians have been killed, some imprisoned, and yet some are in exile???

Q. 3
Some of our classmates, schoolmates and study mates have been killed and others jailed. Does it mean they have no right to education???

Q. 4
Effective teaching and learning cannot go on in a tense atmosphere. Tell us how this will take place amidst an armed military presence??? 

Q. 5
Students go to school because there are teachers there to teach them.  Many of our teachers, Vice Principals and even principal have been arrested, killed and some even in exile. Please, who is going to teach us if we go back to school now??? 

Q. 6
For the past two academic years, every school activity has been under pretense. Your administration pretending that all is well. Our few teachers who could afford to show up in school pretending to be teaching too because of threats from you. We were fooled right into writing the GCE exams and receiving our results. At the end of the day, the effects are on us the students and our parents: we wasted our time, finances and other materials just to end up receiving fake results from the GCE board. Fake because results as publish are different from results received on result slips (for result slips that even come at all).  So tell us, who is fooling us the students and parents??? 

Q. 7
Which is better: A no formally educated child or a poorly educated child who may not use what he/she learns and may even be risking his/her life in the process??? You are parents, so you should know this.. 

Q. 8
Can you tell us why all your children who used to be our classmates, schoolmates, and play-mates in the quarters have been relocated to study in Francophone regions?  Assume everyone could afford to send their children there as you, would there be any need for schools in this part of the country??? If we must go to school, bring back our mates (your children) to North West and South West. 

Q. 9
LRC government is good at lies telling particularly on issues relating to the crisis in the country. What kind of education, what kind of examples do you want us to go learn from their schools?  They see "White" and call it "Black" and later come back to call it "White turn brown". Is this the kind of education we should learn?

Q. 10
Who should we believe in: The Ambazonian Restoration forces or the LRC Armed Forces? To be honest with you, we feel safer and secured with the Restoration forces than with your colonial forces. So if they (Restoration forces) say don't go to school or that go to school, we will dance their music. So tell us with convincing reasons(if at all you have) why your forces should be trusted. 

We will go to school Happily whenever the right time will come. 10 years of no school is better than 57years of poor education
Better Late than Never !!

Hiding in the bush,
Writing for ALL Amazonian Students,
Name withheld 
Undergraduate Student.