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Chairman of SCBC Board Response to Mark Bareta’s Proposed SCBC – ABC Merger

Response to Mark Bareta’s Proposed SCBC – ABC Merger

By Francis Ntube – Chairman of SCBC BOARD


My dear comrade Mark. Thank you very much for your commitment to our cause. I saw your proposal for SCBC and ABC to merge. I know your proposal is for the good of the revolution. But that proposal unfortunately will not fly anymore. We learn lessons and we move on. A dog does not return to it’s own vomit. We did everything we could to save the last dance but we were accused of not being 100% subservient to the master and many of us were proposed to be “garried”. Despite this, we have been good guys all through, we have had to bear the miscarriages of ABC and to transmit important events for the sake of GZ. The miracle to our survival has been the resilience to work as a visionary team.

Now let’s face the facts. What are we merging? Are we going to create a new SCBCABC TV, a cacophony of names and ideas under the command of one strong Man? Can one Man override team work or a few people dictate the outcome of the people’s brand name? How do you merge something that exists with a reputable value proposition and something that is still to be born? SCBC has a value proposition and a currency that spans two years of collective effort. ABC was merely an emotional idea which is still to come to fruition. Like an egg whose chicken is stillborn.

ABC is supposed to be on satellite and has not been on air since the 4th of January till today. It broadcasts live on Facebook and carries a different broadcast on its channel meaning it does not have the required technology to synchronize free Facebook broadcast. It features one person from morning till evening and has no brochure of its weekly or monthly programmes. Despite the fact that its technical team struggles to meet up, it is clear that the purported State Tv is actually a one person’s TV station. And this makes me wonder after when ABC TV was promised to the people as funded by a special donor who would cover all expenses and equipment without using MTTB tax investments. We have been waiting till date to see the ABC Contract brandished to the Ambazonian people to understand the real value, projections and running expenses of ABC TV.

Other than satellite and free Facebook for live shows, SCBC has developed SCBC android and apple apps, roku and amazon smart TV apps and Scbc website that all broadcast live 24hrs daily and now rates over 150 million viewers worldwide. It has a dedicated team that has made it a truly professional brand. It is on the verge of being commercialized to start making profit in 6 months to a year.

SCBC shall be robusting its programmes in terms of quality images and popular content providers. It is in discussions with various power houses to partner and start running adverts and commercials. From the adverts we expect to start being profitable. This is the first viable profitable Ambazonian enterprise.

Tell us brother, how do you merge something that exists and something that does not actually exist? SCBC was founded by Ambazonians in South Africa who believed so much in this revolution, that instead of using their TV Station to make money, they offered it to the people of Ambazonia. The arrival of SCBC transformed what was then just an uprising into a full-fledged revolution. It brought hope and pride to our people on ground zero, and for once as Ambazonians, we had a TV station that we could call our own. We invited our people with skills to come offer their skills. An opportunity they would never had gotten if we stayed under the yoke of La Republique.

That is how we got shows with Pricess Dora, Gilly-Gilly, Silas Atefor, Dr. Ngassa and Amba Perspectives with Derrick Yuh and Raymond Sama. We had our own General Manager of a TV Station which under normal circumstances would have only belonged to Charles Ndongo or Gervais Mendo Ze.

Brother Mark, you were one of those who previously clamored for the fall of SCBC, but what God has blessed, no one curses. I am glad you now see value in the work we have been quietly doing. And the good thing about you is that you always come round from your defects. SCBC is finalizing plans to privatize and become Africa’s premier Pan-African TV Station. Shares will be sold to illustrious Ambazonians who want to invest for the future of their children. We are confident that within one to two years, investors would have been reaping Return on Investments.

We have committed that in spite of the bad faith exhibited by some within the IG, and the attempts by many of our own people to kill SCBC,  SCBC will despite all these things still commit to the Ambazonian dream. It will continue to be the flag-bearer of our revolution and someday will broadcast live the triumphant entry into Ambazonia of our President.

The Board of Directors will be remodelled and hybridized with new implant to run the TV on the basis of competence and experience, and we are inviting you to invest brother in SCBC. No more selection of people simply because they reside in a country or constituency. For it to be the dream we envisage, we cannot contemplate a merger with ABC. we continue to respect and regard the ABC as the official voice of the Interim government, but SCBC will remain “The People’s Voice”.

We have heard that ABC has not been able to pay its Bills. It has been shut down since the beginning of this year. We have received also very dismaying news that acting President Sako and Sec. Chris Anu are now approaching the Kamto people to merge and share satellite images. How do you merge a One-and-Indivisible Cameroun agenda and a Restorationist Agenda of Ambazonia? This is so disheartening, even after we had proposed in the beginning to see how we could work as Ambazonians and limit the costs of production.

Months ago, the same had launched a campaign to demonize SCBC, calling it Millan’s personal TV and poisoning the minds of our people. Why try to destroy comrades who have contributed so much and who helped to get us where we are today? If these people did not donate their time, money, effort and knowledge, SCBC would have never existed. Lies were told that Sako and Chris Anu did not have access to SCBC contract, and yet it is the same contract that they used to approach the service provider and sign a contract for ABC. So tell me brother, How do you merge a lie and the truth? We had always believed that time will tell and the chicken will be coming home to roast.

So comrade Mark, what do you want us to merge? You have put it rightly yourself that the experiment is over. We cannot be bamboozled over and over again. We have had to make hard choices for our survival and our stakeholders and shareholders will never understand if we plunge ourselves into another blind date. Many who are finally coming to terms with the truth are already buying their shares and the ball is rolling. The lesson has been learned. Sentimentality cannot run a television and we have learned it the hard way. 

SCBC – The Voice of Ambazonia!!!

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