Colonial Cameroun Busted - Again!

Colonial Cameroun Busted - Again!

Ambazonians, friends of Ambazonia and people of good will the world over should not have too much difficulty revealing which videos are really coming from pro-independence forces and which are not. Let me use one example to demonstrate how easy it is to know which videos are produced and disseminated by the colonizer. 

In the many cases of abductions highlighted on WhatsApp so far, it is important to remember that all claims of abduction made by pro-independence groups have shown the face of the persons kidnapped. Those abducted have been allowed by restoration forces to speak up. And in all videos showing abductees or hostages held by restoration forces, the faces of the victims are shown and the victims are allowed to speak out. If you abduct someone - meaning they are of value to your cause as a prisoner or a cause of anguish for the colonizer, you demonstrate that you have them in captivity.

The other characteristic of each of the videos released by restoration forces has been the fact that all hostages held by pro-independence groups have not only shown their face. They have spoken up to establish that they were being well treated by their captors; that they were well fed; that they have not been molested or tortured; etc. In the case of the Police Superintendent for Fundong, he even insists on saying his captors served him his favourite beer. 

These videos - from restoration forces holding hostages - but treating g them right (in keeping with the Geneva Conventions) have not been to the satisfaction of the savage colonialists who have tortured, raped, maimed, killed, and executed including beheading anyone they take into custody. The colonizer hates the narrative that underpins every video of hostages released by restoration forces.

In order to destroy that narrative and paint restoration forces as terrorists, the colonizer has invented and marketed abductions that do not exist. The colonizer has faked or arranged non-existent hostages. They have shot, produced and disseminated two videos of such fake hostage situations and they have ensured that those videos have been sent to the BBC (for inclusion in their latest pro-regime propaganda film) and to Amnesty International (for mention in their one-sided report). 

Both videos are shot in the dead of night, inside very dark rooms. No one can really see the faces of the supposed hostages. The reason for doing so is because the colonizer knows that the persons playing hostages in both videos are, in fact, free and about. If they show their faces, it will be easy to debunk the fake news by proving that the persons in question - supposedly abducted - are, in fact, moving around freely and unharmed. 

One proof that it is not restoration forces is that these two abductions do not follow the rule/trend of the others. The second is that the goal of the two videos by the colonizer is to prove that hostages are being tortured; not that they are in custody. The third, and absolute proof that the videos by the colonizer are a game with the so-called hostages merely role-playing, is what the hostages say in them.

Go back and watch the videos anew. Those pretending to be restoration forces ask the supposed hostages if they want to die. “You want to die?” one can hear them ask in Pidgin. And the response from the hostage is “Yes, I want to die.” 

Nobody who is truly held hostage and facing threats to their lives would be saying “yes, I want to die”. And it is only researchers from Amnesty and Human Rights Watch and journalists and producers from the BBC (who have to be under some spell - or have they been bribed?) who do bother to ask themselves why a hostage would be asking to die. Who does that, except in a play? 

The colonizer can team up now with Amnesty International, the United Nations, France, BBC and Human Rights Watch against the Republic of Ambazonia, but Ambazonians will debunk this rubbish in any court of law, including before the Special Tribunal on the Cameroons which we shall not rest until one is created to hear cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ambazonia.

Nice try, Colonial Cameroun, but you are busted!

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC