BREAKING FIRE: the mayor of Bibemi and councilors no longer want Paul Biya

BREAKING FIRE: the mayor of Bibemi and councilors no longer want Paul Biya

Breaking Fire: the mayor of Bibemi and councilors no longer want Paul Biya” we cannot vote for Paul Biya when our people have no roads, are kidnapped, rape and even killed…”

It was Saturday, August 4th, during the parliamentary report tour of the Bénoué senators. Senators Amidou Maurice, Bebnonni Payounni and Didjatou Oumarou, began in Bénoué a thank-you and debriefing tour for their election in March 2018 after the session of right of last June.

In front of the senators in the room of the acts of the Town hall of Bibemi, the Mayor and the Municipal Councilors saluted this initiative which had been lacking during the first mandate.

They focused on chapters of long grievances in the direction of the security of this district located about sixty kilometers from Garoua. The enclavement of the locality, an hour’s drive, is not done for three hours at least.

Insecurity has taken root in the area, with kidnappings being perpetrated in all villages. (How can we vote the candidate of the Rdpc when insecurity hinders the development in the district of Bibemi, each week there are kidnappings.

People sleep on the trees, pregnant women have serious difficulties to be offered prenatal and post-natal services because of the enclavement of the zone), grievances taken up in heart by the municipal councilors.

Beyond these situations, the specter of doubt is also on the education and health side. The Commune is painted in the colors of the UNDP only in the last municipal elections of 2013.

The party of Bello Bouba Maigari ended up freewheeling because of the dissensions within the party in power. Today, the Rdpc is struggling to get the City Hall. The visit of the senators for them is a masquerade to distract them in order to regain control of the City Hall.

The withdrawal of the National President Bello Bouba Maigari to be a candidate and his call to vote the Rdpc lays the blur on the future of the Mayor and his municipal councilors in the upcoming municipal ballot.

“We also want to save our position at the City Hall just as Bello our national party president also wants to save his ministerial position, in politics it is a matter of interest, we are not ready to sacrifice the Mayor for the benefit of Bello Bouba Maigari.

if he insists he will still live the syndrome of Pitoa where all the Municipal Councilors and the executive have joined the Fsnc of Issa Tchiroma Bakari “, ralph lauren, a municipal councilor.

Mayor Irema Hairou, former Deputy Undp in the National Assembly refused to lend to the media in his outburst of anger, “I will say what, I do not know what they came to do to call us to vote Paul Biya.

We have no roads, we are insecure, the proof is that incoming you are surrounded by security forces not to fall into rape, “complains Mr. Irema Hairou, Mayor of the Municipality of Bibemi.

Source: Cameroon daily journal