Akere Muna accuses government of “dirty tricks” to make Bamenda inaccessible

Akere Muna accuses government of “dirty tricks” to make Bamenda inaccessible

In an exclusive interview with Douala based STV television, presidential aspirant Akere Muna has gone full throttle against the government, blaming the officials for the failing state of activities of the country.

In close to an hour long bilingual debate, the Momo born internationally acclaimed Akere Muna who hails from the prestigious Muna’s family in Northwest region says the government is playing ‘dirty’ tricks in Bamenda and attributing it to terrorists, a statement which will play in the hands of secessionists

Speaking just one day after Ambazonain activist were accused of halting more than 30 busses and punishing more than 1000 passengers in the night of Saturday September 8th 2018 under the rain as they dug trenches to divide the high way and cut off Northwest region from the rest of the country, the legal juggernaut rather strangely says the government wants to cut off Bamenda from the country so that other candidates cannot have access there.

According to Muna, they intend to do so and steal votes so that they can show the international community that the majority of Anglophones are with them

Barrister Akere Muna says the problem with the country is the government which according to him has been hijacked by few oligarchs, less than 100 in number and says we need to take back control of our country

He taunted his heavy CV and broad international connections as reasons why he is the best for the top job, detailing how he intends to fight corruption and bring back stolen funds stashed in foreign bank accounts

Source: tebopost.news