A Warning Of Genocide Or A Concern For the People Of Manyu County?

A Warning Of Genocide Or A Concern For the People Of Manyu County?

We are receiving disturbing information from the Republic Of Cameroon (LRC) Senior Divisional Officer for Manyu a county in the southern region of Southern Cameroons the present-day Federal Republic Of Ambazonia requesting the people from specific villages within this county to relocate to other neighboring towns or villages.

Such communication to the people of these specific areas comes after the president declared he will crack down on the perpetrators of the six soldiers killed which is still questionable with rumors that they are Southern Cameroonians killed and dressed in military outfit to paint the people as "secessionist terrorist" as the president claims. No clear investigations have been open to these killings or others suffered by the people of Southern Cameroons but the president finds it necessary to go out and make a speech when he has not even acknowledge the crisis in this regions nor the killings of 100's and thousands as refugees in Nigeria.

The communique released 1st December 2017 now circulates on social media platforms raise questions as to why the government will select specific areas to clamp down on the people of this villages. We need to ask the following questions;


What investigations have been carried out to select these villages?

What happens to the elderly, women and children in this villages?

What happens to those who cannot move like the elderly, sick and those without any ties to other neighbouring villages or towns?

How long those the LRC government expect these people to be away?

What happens to their properties and how do the people support themselves?


These are some of the questions one ponders if the LRC government has addressed before making such a decision as its stated in the communique to treat anyone left in these villages as accomplices to the ongoing criminal occurrences registered on Security Defence Force. Does this include the elderly, women and children? Or is the government now branding everyone from children to the elderly as secessionist terrorist?

We are looking forward to finding out how the government came to this conclusion asking the people from this county which includes specific villages in Akwaya Sub Division, Eyumojock Sud Division, and Mamfe Sub Division. One can only wait to see what this communique will accomplished without a proper investigation for we are unsure if it’s a warning and if so,  why will the government ask the people to leave their homes and relocate to other areas without any proper planning of where they expect these people to go and how to support themselves after leaving the comfort of their villages and homes

This is a country which claims to uphold Human Rights and respect the right of its people yet they demonstrate the total opposite of their word. This only goes to tell the world the gross violation of Human Right and a nation illegally occupying the land of the Federal Republic Of Ambazonia and forcing the people as refugees to other countries. This communique clearly says it all, push them out of their land and let them be refugees. Is this a tactic to claim the lands of this people, time will tell.